What is a landing page and why should hotels care?

It’s good to have a website, but you shouldn’t use it for everything.

Especially not for your marketing campaigns.

Visitors coming from an advertisement have a goal in mind – something specific they are looking for.

Usually it’s to purchase what you’re advertising for. Here’s a quick illustration to show the difference between a landing page and a normal website:

Landing pages are specifically made to fulfill one purpose as efficiently as possible. That’s why you need many specialized landing pages.

This will be clearer with an example.

So, let’s compare an imaginary customer’s experience with versus without a landing page.

Enter David.

David has never visited your hotel before, but has a wedding coming up and needs a place to host it.

You create an ad targeted at people who are soon getting married. He sees your advertisement on Facebook about your “Luxury suite for Weddings” for $1000 per night.

He’s on his phone, is very interested and clicks.


Customer Experience Without Landing Page

Your website loads in 12 seconds.

It comes up on his screen – there’s probably a top menu, some links on the sides, maybe even pictures of unrelated rooms and as he scrolls down a bit finally somewhere in the middle he can read details about your luxury suite.

It’s not very well made for mobile users, but readable. There’s nothing about weddings.


He’s ready to book, card in hand, but he wanted to know more about how you can cater to his special needs for his wedding. David doesn’t want to call, because he’s actually still at work.

David is annoyed and thinks he will call you later. But he forgets. Instead, he books a suite at another hotel a few streets away from yours.

Customer Experience With Landing Page

But let’s go back in time. And this time, you have made a proper landing page specific for this advertisement.

David clicks your ad on Facebook on his phone.

Your website loads in 3 seconds – because it is lean, optimized, and all unnecessary images are gone. He’s greeted by headline that matches the Ad he saw on Facebook.

Immediately below that he can start reading about the wedding suite. You’ve organized the information in a logical manner, and one sections flows effortlessly to the next.

There are ZERO links to other rooms, unrelated content or to the rest of your website. The only choice is to book, call or close the page.


David pays a $500 deposit to secure his spot.

He’s directed to a ‘Thank You” page where you can give him helpful advice, wedding guest discounts or talk about other exciting things you have in the pipeline at the resort or hotel.


You continue delivering high quality experiences to David throughout the next 10 years and he happily gives you a total of $30 000.

Are you excited to make some landing pages now? Get in touch and let’s get started.

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