The most profitable advert for hotels and resorts

One word: Remarketing.

The most profitable adverts are shown to audience who need what you have to offer. One of the most effective ways to know people are thinking about visiting your hotel or resort is that they have visited your website.

Showing ads to past website visitors is called “remarketing”.

Remarketing campaigns are profitable because you are advertising to people who know you and what you offer. People who have recently visited your website are very likely to be in the process of booking something for their vacation.

Showing ads to these people is essential – and simple to do. However, we do not want to show the same ad to everyone.

No – the ad we show them needs to be relevant to what they have already viewed on your website. Enter Facebook remarketing and custom landing pages.

Facebook Remarketing Setup Example – Halong Bay

So if they read about a tour to Halong bay on your website, you show an ad to them on Facebook to remind them of your Halong bay tour:

If they click on this ad (which is very cheap to run since it’s only shown to people who have been on your website), they come to a landing page with more information and a convincing reason to call or book a trip immediately.

It’s simple, but chances are you are not doing it. And that’s means you’re missing out.