Should Hotels write 1000+ word blog posts?

Content marketing is changing.

For me, for hotels, for everyone.

Short blog posts of 400-600 words used to dominate corporate blogs in the name of search engine optimization (SEO), in order to be shown high on search engines like Google for certain words.

Actually, many brands still pump out article after article of mindless dravel, hoping to rank high and get free traffic. It’s getting quite crowded frankly and harder than ever to get attention.

But that’s not the name of the game any more. In some ways, it never was.

writing content that brings sales

Increasingly, brands are now writing 1000+ word blog posts… Woop de do. That’s just more of the same. Businesses that do this are most likely just checking off a box with upper management – content marketing: check.

As a result, the internet is filling up with unhelpful crap. Pardon the language.

It’s not about the number of words, visitors or clicks. These metrics are useful, but it all comes down to one thing. Is your blog driving sales or not? Making visitors into customers is a whole other game, and one more worth playing.

Smart businesses realize that content marketing is about showing off your personality, building trust and delivering value. Length doesn’t matter. Visitors who land on your blog only convert to customers if they’re impressed and want more. A 1000+ word article that’s mostly copy and paste impresses no one.

Content written for humans is valued by robots too – It’s their JOB to find content like that.

Good content, that helps people, is shared by those who view it. It’s linked to colleagues, on social media, referenced in other blogs and mainstream media. That’s how you get value out of your blog. (Incidentally, inbound links are great for SEO.)

Never mind the length, pay little attention to keywords and just write solid articles that are a joy to read.

So, How to write good content that helps people?

Good question.

The only content that I personally appreciate and subsequently share contains one or more of the following:

  • Actionable advice (How-to guides, downloadable checklists, templates)
  • Key insights (Case studies, breakthroughs, expert advice, opinion pieces)
  • Pre-purchase information¬†(Reviews, Structured information, videos, images)
  • Humor

To win in the content marketing revolution you need to deliver extreme value in one or more of the above categories, be original and express your brand’s values.

And if your content is truly worth sharing – start by sharing it yourself instead of waiting for the robots to find you. Use the tripadvisor forum, reddit, facebook, quora or instagram. Wherever your customers hang out and ask questions – you can be there and help them get answers. Of course, you need to have a link to your blog visible somewhere – in your forum signature, on your profile, or even in your answer if appropriate.

What kind of content should Hotels and Resorts write?

You want to write about things that your future and current customers care about. Things people might send each other when planning a trip, or might find useful when already there.

Here are some ideas:

  • In-depth reviews of local restaurants.
  • Detailed articles about your pool facilities, with plenty of pictures and videos.
  • Recommend tours, events and festivals. Even if you do not offer tickets for sale.
  • Explain the local culture, habits of the people around you or societal norms.
  • Warn visitors about risks like weather or dangerous areas.

That’s all I can think of from the top of my head.

Send me an email if you want to bounce some more content ideas around – I’m happy to help!