How to show ads to people who have visited your hotel or resort website

It’s simple.

All you need is a Facebook pixel – a little piece of code on your website that let’s you show them ads on Facebook later. This kind of advertising is called remarketing. It’s a great way to regain people’s attention after they have left your website.

But we checked, and only around 50% of all businesses selling tours who are members of ATTA have a Facebook remarketing pixel on their website. Even fewer hotels and resorts have one installed. And if you don’t – you’re leaving money on the table.

Remarketing ads have some of the best return on investment of all digital ads – 20x your investment is not uncommon. And all you have to do is simply show ads to people who have visited your site at least once before.

Why is remarketing so effective?

Because if they have visited your website before, they are much more likely to be interested in your hotel or resort than someone who has never heard of you.

And people need to be reminded that you exist, many times, before they are ready to book. Especially in the travel industry, where purchasing decisions are complex and require many comparisons.

Maybe during their first visit, they were still discussing with their partner where to go – and then they found another place and forgot about you. Showing them an ad (On Facebook, in Google, etc) right after they were reading about you on your website is very likely to bring them back to you again.

And it’s astonishingly simple to set up – albeit hard to master.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to get started is with a Facebook ‘pixel’ on your website. This is a small piece of code that anonymously saves information about your website visitors – which page they were on, how long, etc – and then let’s you show custom ads on Facebook to them.

The cost is minimal – expect somewhere around $1 per click – and the booking rates are often astonishingly high. What’s more, you can get started even with extremely low traffic on your website.

Optimizing your ads

With the pixel on your website, not only can you send ads to the right people – you can also track and see that they take the right action when they come back to your website. You can even track them across several devices, like their smartphone and laptop. No custom code required.

Landing Pages

A smart way to get an even greater return on remarketing ads is to send people who click on these ads to a page on your website designed specifically to make them buy, download a brochure or call your sales team. This is what’s called a landing page:

With a landing page you have a distraction-free environment which will increase the rate at which your visitors take the action you want them to.

Getting Started

To get started you can follow this guide published by Facebook themselves, or get in touch with us and we will set it up for you.

Installing the pixel is just the first step to successful remarketing campaigns – designing the ads, the landing pages and the booking process that comes after the ad is the fun part.

Advertising like this is essentially free – because you can track the ads on a daily basis and know exactly which ads generate a positive return. Redesign or shut down the ones that don’t and you’re golden.