How to drive sales through your website

One of the first questions we’re often asked as an agency is: “Did you ever do a website for [My Industry] before?”

It might seem like a relevant question – But it’s not really all that important. Here’s why:

Your website is only tangentially about you, your company and your industry. Websites are primarily about your visitors and their needs. That is, if you want to drive sales.

The truth is that we will never know as much about your business as you do.

But together we can identify your target market, clarify what their needs are, and then we design the website’s structure, text and imagery to compel those particular visitors to take action.

Websites that drive sales have clear, relevant, specific and persuasive information related to a problem, need or solution that your target market is willing to pay for.

You and your company provide authority and trust through the website – but if you’re the main actor on the stage your visitors will find someone who they connect with better. Someone who understands them better.

People are selfish. They’re not on your website to browse and look around. They need something.

The key to selling a salesman’s pen back to him isn’t to focus on the features, history and benefits of the pen – it’s to focus on the needs of the prospect in front of you and what he gets out of having it right now.

Here’s how to think about your website

There are many kinds of website visitors.

  • Some are looking to purchase from you.
  • Some just want information – to write an article, competitor research.
  • Some are just curious.
  • Some took a strange turn on the internet and just ended up there.

If you’re a business – here are the website visitors that should get priority:

  1. Visitors looking to purchase now.
  2. Visitors who might purchase in the future.

That’s it. Other visitors are not important.

Sure, your full company history should still be on the website – but certainly not in a prominent location. Your blog posts, articles and industry news probably do not belong on the front page. Your portfolio, reviews and past projects are only relevant to build trust. The visitors who are interested in that section are convinced enough to click around a bit.

So how to apply this advice?

Driving sales from your website is all about compelling a purchasing audience to take action.

For this means driving you, dear visitor, towards filling out a contact form. Everything on this website steers you in that direction. Our front page, our top menu, the bottom of every page, the end of every article.

Of course, the way we try to do that is to provide value up front, build trust and authority.

So design follows function. And the function, the purpose of both your business and website is to sell. Fancy graphics, large videos, confusing layouts only detract from that purpose and drives people away.

Looking good is still important – but it’s not the main objective. Clean, easy to use, fast-loading and non-interruptive websites outperform award winning design every time.

So there you have it, to drive sales a website must take a potential customer on a journey from point A to point B. From being merely interested to taking action. And the way to do this is to identify who visits your website and why, and then speak to their needs and give them clear action steps to take next.

…On the topic of taking action – If any of this resonated with you, then reach out and let us give your business some personal pointers. Send an email directly to me at and I’ll help you in any way I can.

Thanks for reading!

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