About Nordimer

Nordimer exists to help hospitality businesses reach and serve their customers online.

With the advent of the internet, booking platforms and the sharing economy in the last decades, the whole hospitality industry has undergone huge changes. Booking by calling, travel agents and guide books are on the decline. Smart phones, reviews and automation is on the rise.

To compete, you need to stand out and and serve your audience better.

None likes to pay fees to middlemen. AirBnB, Agoda, Booking.com - they're great at bringing you traffic, but take a hefty 10-30% commission from you. They also take 5-20% from the consumer.

Having your own website, and building traffic to it through reviews, SEO and influencer marketing is a smart investment. Plus, by serving your customers better than the booking platforms - with live chat, email support, extra services, cheaper prices, more interactivity and instant refunds - you'll start to cultivate raving fans.

That's what we hope to help you do.

Carl Gustaf Ragnar Crafoord

C.G Ragnar Crafoord, Owner

Helping hospitality businesses grow online combines two of my passions - digital marketing and travel.

Before this, I created digital campaigns, websites and strategies for Groupe SEB as a Digital Manager.

I've traveled extensively. Born in Sweden, got my Masters degree in Scotland, spent a year in Canada, half a year each in Croatia and South Korea. Currently I'm traveling permanently and working on my laptop.

Give me a project large enough, and I might even come visit your hotel or resort.